Happy 2nd anniversary to You.

It’s been two years and 730 days since you were born into this world, ever since the day we first met, you have always amazed me because of the opportunities your birthday has given to me.

Born weighing 1.2kg, you came in so little but yet you fought a hard battle to survive through the incubator for a good one month and all those while I knew you were a fighter and you will survive being a premie.

Having you in our lives have brought so much happiness into our home and I look forward to building a very strong relationship with you as you grow older, hopefully you will become my best friend and we’ll forever be best of buddies.

For the best part of these two years that has passed by I haven’t been around mostly due to official engagements, which I hope to provide the best life possible for you and your future siblings.

As you grow older and develop in the next few years, I pray to Almighty Allah to grant you knowledge, wisdom, big heart, fear of Allah and all the wonderful qualities of a gentleman that you are, love you so much baby ammar.

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