International Youth Day 2020

The international youth day 2020 is here, it’s time for us the youths to sit down and analyze our role in the ever changing world that we live in. The #COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to humanity but it has come with opportunities which we the youths can capitalize on.

The access to education and gaining the prerequisite skills to survive in the labor market and busies world is very important for youths who will be faced by issues of employment and capital to establish business is very important

Over the last few years, youths have been involved in politics and we see many youths in governance today. What are these few doing to help the large number of youths who strive to join politics and make a career in leadership. There is a famous saying that “leaders are born” and also there is the notion “Leaders can be made” through mentorship and training.

This is an opportunity for youths to plan their future, beginning from today, 12th August 2020, on the occasion of the International Youth Day.


Climate change is real, if we don’t take a collective action to stop the effects of climate change then the world as we know it will become a past. Rising temperature and sea level, desert encroachment, floods, tsunamis and breaking of the iceberg will continue to increase. The United Nations have come up with several initiative such as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction to mitigate the effects of global warming, through collaboration between the government, civil society organization and businesses to agree a target for the reduction of green house emission.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals set by the United Nations (UN) for individual and collective goals at all levels as part of one entity, our global planter. The unprecedented scope of the SDGs increased the number of goals for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The SDG is fully inclusive, setting responsibilities for the entire world rather than a specific audience. Increase scope for the international community to support the less developed ones by having a number of 169 specific targets.

The then Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki- Moon emphases on “Leave no one behind” as the main dictum for the SDGs. The SDG is not only about powerful companies, governments or influential people only. The precept is about the power of each individual, as each individual is expected to support the other. For SDG to be successful, inclusion becomes important. Without inclusion for all humans and social entities at al level, the empowerment of all individuals become impossible.

The 2030 agenda is comprehensive in understanding that developmental challenges are globally connected, and global warming and climate crisis are not confined to some geographical areas. Through climate action and commitment to find solution to ecological and environmental challenges, we hope to help in the conservation of planet earth.

The 5ps of SDG namely PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY, PEACE & PARTNERSHIPS are the cornerstone of achieving the global goals by year 2030. The People related goals look to ensuring basic sustenance, no poverty, zero hunger, health, wellbeing, education, gender inequality and girl child. The Goals that has to do with the Planet focus on challenges our planet is facing and trying to save our planet by international community and how our future depends on transforming our approach to responding to climate change. The SDG did not disregard the importance of economic development. In order for the world to live in peace & prosperity, the economic development that can attain prosperity is the requisite condition for all people. The SDG understands the importance of sustainability side to economic development. Energy sources and utilisation is indispensable for achieving the SDGs by 2030. With one armed conflict, terrorism, and other forms of instability ragging in some part of the world, the SDG focus on how the international community must come together to promote and protect peace around the world, not with military actions but preferably through strong institutions of justice. Partnership for the goal (Goal 17) which is very important in all the 17 goals involved all the entities in the international community.

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